Tuesday 12th December Is National Postal Workers Day

December 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Today is National Postal Workers day. We should really spare a thought for our hard working postmen and women today as they struggle with a mountain of cards and parcels. Unless you have worked outside all day with freezing cold hands and feet you can't really appreciate how hard it is. They have a mountain of post now, most of it people don't even want and yet always seem to remain cheerful. Over the years postal workers jobs have changed enormously. The postman in the photo dates to around 1910.

A British Postman c 1910A British Postman c 1910A British Postman c 1910

    He may not have had mountains of junk mail to carry about but he would have had to make four deliveries a day over a very large area, all on foot. So take a moment to appreciate your hard pressed postman or woman today in this busy run up to Christmas.


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