A British Ford Zephyr After Winning The Monte Carlo Rally 1953F C Clement Passing Woolf Barnato Brooklands 1921F C Clement W O Bentley J F Duff And The Winning Car Le Mans 1921Grand Prix Trip 1923 F C Clement And W O BentleyJ F Duff In Action Le Mans 1924Le Mans Team 1925 J F Duff And F C Clement No 9 H K Moir And Dr Benjafield No 10T.T. Race 1929 Bernard Rubin Underneath His CarThe Crash At White Horse Corner Le Mans 1927The First 3-Litre Bentley Experimental No 1Tyre Trouble At Brooklands Clive Dunfree In The B.R.D.C. Race 1929W D Hawkes In The 1922 T.T.W O Bentley And The Car He Drove In The 1922 T.T.W O Bentley Driving In The T.T. Race 1914W O Bentley On No 183