UK Photo And Social History Archive | Australian And New Zealand Forces In World War One

A New Zealand Gunners Post On The Western Front[A New Zealand Signaller On A Just Captured German Dug-OutAn Australian Advanced Dressing Station On The Western FrontAn Australian Artillery Wagon On Its Way To The FrontAn Australian Camp In EgyptAn Australian Observation Party Watching Artillery FireAn Australian Soldier With Trench Foot Awaiting The Arrival Of Red Cross Orderlies For Removal To HospitalAustralian Reservists Disembarking At PlymouthAustralian Soldiers Beside The Ruins Of The Mairie Bapaume After Entering In March 1917Australian Soldiers Marching To The TrenchesAustralian Troops Embarking At MelbourneAustralian Troops Going On Board A Ship At MelbourneAustralian Troops In A Captured German TrenchAustralian Troops Marching Into BapaumeAustralian Troops Marching With Fixed Bayonets Shortly After Arriving In EnglandAustralian Troops With Their Kangaroo MascotAustralian Troops With Their MascotAustralians Crossing Over A Crater Blown To Delay Their Advance Near BapaumeAustralians Moving Up To The Front Line TrenchesFirst Tasmanian Contingent Leaving Hobart