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Haselmere Brighton Road Sutton 1918Haselmere Brighton Road Sutton 1918Haselmere was designed by local architect Herbert Appleton for his brother William in the 1880s. William Appleton, a tea merchant like his father, lived here with his wife Bessie, sons Bernard and Harold, daughters Florence and Dora and a cook housemaid and nurse. Harold died in young adulthood and after Bessie's death in 1928 William lived in the house with his eldest daughter Florence until his death in 1940. The house was demolished in the 1960s and a block of flats called Dunsfold Court stands on the site today. The original nameplate remains on the wall outside and a magnificent cedar tree still stands in the grounds that the Appleton children would have played on over a hundred years ago.
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Haselmere Brighton Road Sutton 1918