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Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag Sung By Murray Johnson


Keep The Home Fires Burning Sung By John McCormack


It's A Long Way To Tipperary Sung By John McCormack


If You Were The Only Girl In The World Sung By Henry Burr


Oh! It's A Lovely War Sung By Courtland and Jeffries


Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty Sung By Florrie Ford


Hold Your Hand Out Naughty Boy Sung By Florrie Ford


Daisy Bell Sung By Gerald Adams


I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now Sung By Billy Murray


The Rose Of No Man's Land Sung By Henry Burr


Lorraine My Beautiful Alsace Lorraine Sung By Vernon Dalhart


Roses Of Picardy Sung By John McCormack


Lloyd George's Beer Sung By Ernie Mayne


Here We Are, Here We Are Again! Sung By Frederick Wheeler


Hello, Who's Your Lady Friend? Sung By Ted Yorke


They Didn't Believe Me Sung By Gladys Rice & Walter Van Brunt


Over There Sung By Henry Burr


For Me And My Gal Sung By Billy Murray


Send Me Away With A Smile Sung By Henry Burr


A Conscientious Objector Sung By Alfred Lester


Goodbye-ee Sung By Courtland and Jeffries


Are We Downhearted? Sung By Arthur Boyton


Au Revoir But Not Goodbye Sung By Henry Burr & The Peerless Quartet


Good Bye Good Luck God Bless You Sung By Henry Burr


There's A Long, Long Trail Sung By John McCormack



Songs From The Film Oh! What A Lovely War

Belgium Put The Kibosh On The Kaiser


Are We Downhearted?


I'll Make A Man Of You




Oh It's A Lovely War


Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag


Bombed Last Night


They Were Only Playing Leapfrog


Hush Here Comes A Whizz-Bang


If The Sergeant Steals Your Rum


Wash Me In The Water


I Want To Go Home


The Bells Of Hell Go Ting-A-Ling-Ling


Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire


There's A Long Long Trail


Forward Joe Soap's Army


When This Lousy War Is Over


Keep The Home Fires Burning


When They Asked Us



Songs Sung In The Trenches
Mademoiselle From Armentieres


Bombed Last Night


Where Are Our Uniforms?




When This Lousy War Is Over


Forward Joe Soaps Army


Fred Karno's Army


When Very Lights Are Shining


Raining And Grousing


The ASC To War Have Gone


Old Gallipoli's A Wonderful Place


Now I'm A General At The Ministry


If You Were The Only Boche In The Trench


I Wore A Tunic


When They Asked Us




Popular Songs Sung By The Soldiers