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All the photos on this site are either in the public domain or they have either been taken by myself or my family, copyright has expired or they have been shared under the Creative Commons copyright. I hope you get pleasure browsing through them. You are very welcome to use the photos for any use but please give credit to this site UK Photo & Social History Archive. If the photo is published in print please give credit under the photo and if online please provide a link to the site with credit. If the photo has been shared on this site from another source please also give credit to the original source. If you enjoy browsing the photos you can create an account then you will be able to save your favourite photos to view when ever you log in. Although this site is free to use please consider donating a small amount to help me secure more photos and films to add for other people to enjoy.

  I started this website after a conversation with a house clearance dealer who told me he always threw out old photos from house clearances as no one wants them. If you have old photos you no longer want please consider contacting me and donating them to this archive so they can be enjoyed by future generations.