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Bus Q69 CGJ 174 1930sBus Q69 CGJ 174 1930s
Modified 14-Feb-22
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Photos Of Buses Around The United Kingdom From The 1930s To The 1950s.
Liverpool AEC Regent A701 Route 76 Registration No JKF 944 To Broadgreen At The Pier Head TerminusBus 200 To Wimbledon Station CLE 148 1930sBus 200 To Wimbledon Station CLE 149 1930sBus Q69 CGJ 174 1930sLiverpool Corporation Leyland Titan L826 Registration No MKB 909 Route 17D To Utting AvenueLiverpool Corporation Bus AEC Regent Double Decker A98 Registration No NKD 598Liverpool Corporation Bus Route 8 Registration No MWM 42 At Southport DepotLondon Transport MXX 7 80A Sutton Garage 1950sBus 15 In Southport UWM 45Trolleybus CGF 74 Sutton Depot Westmead Road Photo No 1Trolleybus CGF 85 Sutton Depot Westmead Road 2Trolleybus CGF 78 Sutton Depot Westmead Road 3Wallasey Bus Terminus Sea View Road Wallasey

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