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Children Recruiting In CardiffChildren Recruiting In Cardiff
Modified 5-Mar-20
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A Boys Class In Bradford Making Boxes For Soldiers ParcelsA Raid Rehearsal Marching To The ShelterAir Raid Drill School Girls Practising Carrying A Wounded SchoolfellowBritish Soldiers At A Picnic Party With French Children In A Newly Recaptured Village Beneath An Inscription Left By The GermansBritish Soldiers Playing With Children In A Recaptured French Village 1917Children At Notting Hill Celebrating The End Of The War (1)Children From Newbattle School Midlothian Investing In War BondsChildren In London Entering A Bomb Proof Dug Out  An Air Raid RehearsalChildren Recruiting In CardiffChildren Watcing A Highland Pipe Player In Northern ItalyChildren Welcoming The Livrpool Irish Entering LilleFrench Children Sitting Round A Camp Fire Wih British Soldiers In A Recaptured VillageInfants On The Way To A Raid ShelterLondon School Children Celebrating The End Of The WarVillage Children TendingThe Grave Of Major Wiliam Redmond Who Was Mortally Wounded At Messines Ridge And BuriesIn The Convent At Loecre

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