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Cameron J H Lt 9th Black WatchCameron J M Lt Royal Field ArtilleryCairns W A Lt 17th Royal ScotsCairns G M 2nd Lt Black WatchCaird E T 2nd Lt 11th Royal ScotsCarmichael A 2nd Lt Kings Own Scottish BorderersCampbell E J 2nd Lt 3rd Argyll And Sutherland HighlandersCarmichael A G 2nd Lt 6th Cameron HighlandersCarnaghan J 2nd Lt 12th CameroniansCathcart F J 2nd Lt Royal Field ArtilleryCattanach J Lt Royal Army Medical CorpsCesari S M F Captain Royal Army Medical CorpsChalker E Lt Royal Field ArtilleryCharles J J P Captain MC Royal Army Medical CorpsCheyne H Lt Col Royal Field ArtilleryChilton F Lt 13th Argyll And Sutherland HighlandersChristie A L Lt Royal Army Medical CorpsClark C I Captain Army Service CorpsClark G M Captain 4th Royal ScotsClark J Lt Col Argyll Sutherlnd Highlanders