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Henderson W 2nd Lt 1st And 14th Highland Light InfantryHenderson W 2nd Lt 1st And 14th Highland Light Infantry
Hall H Captain Royal Horse ArtilleryHamilton-Grierson J G 2nd Lt 5th Royal Scots FusiliersHandyside J 2nd Lt 16th Kings Liverpool RegimentHarding N E J Lt Col Royal Army Medical CorpsHardy R M Lt 5th Highland Light InfantryHardyman J H M Lt Col DSO MC 8th Somerset Light InfantryHare A B 2nd Lt Royal Field ArtilleryHarle R J P Captain MC KOSB Attd 7th Argyll And Sutherland HighlandersHarris A T 2nd Lt 4th Bedfordshire Regiment Att 1st Lincolnshire RegimentHarrower W Sergt Royal EngineersHarvey A S Lt 1st Gordon HighlandersHastings J E 2nd Lt 11th Black WatchHawks A M W Lt 4th Royal ScotsHayhurst T Captain Royal Army Medical CorpsHeggie D Chaplain Army ChaplainsHelm H P D Captain Royal Flying CorpsHenderson A H M 2nd Lt 4th Kings Own Scottish BorderersHenderson W 2nd Lt 1st And 14th Highland Light InfantryHenderson-Hamilton J C Lt 9th Black WatchHendry P G Gnr Royal Garrison Artillery

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