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Eversfield Hockey Team 2nd April 1909Eversfield Hockey Team 2nd April 1909Photo copied and cropped from The Past on Glass at Sutton Archives. Photographer David Knights-Whittome. Shared under the Creative Commons Non Commercial Licence
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Eversfield School started life as a private girls' day and boarding school in Cheam Road at the beginning of the 20th century. It was situated on the corner of Western Road. In 1933 Eversfield School moved to a large house in Mulgrave Road which prior to this had been used as a private hotel called Ravens Court. An advertisement for the school in 1938 stated that the aim was to give a healthy and happy school life and prepare the girls for London Matriculation examinationsor university entrance examinations, as well as giving careful supervision to matters of health, manners and habits of neatness. Eversfield closed during the Second World War but the building still stands as an old peoples' residential home at 48, Mulgrave Road. The name Eversfield has been preserved.
Eversfield Girl's School  Hockey Team 26th Nov 1908Eversfield Hockey Team 2nd April 1909Eversfield School