ACKLIN Susannah of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey 22nd Jun 1676 : Marriage

ACTON Elizabeth of Chertsey 22nd Feb 1681 : Marriage

ALDERSEY Mary of Maidstone Kent 24th Mar 1679 : Marriage

ALLISON James son of Nathaniell of Sutton Surrey 7th Oct 1636 : Burial

ANDERSON Anne daughter of a Londoner who was nursed in Sutton Surrey 28th Oct 1641 : Burial

ANDREWS Sarah of Redderith (Rotherhithe) 20th Nov 1676 : Marriage

ARNOLD Joane daughter of William 14th May 1637 of Sutton Surrey : Baptised and 3rd Oct 1637 : Burial

ARNOLD Thomas son of William of Sutton Surrey 27th Apr 1641 : Baptised

ARNOLD William son of William of Sutton Surrey 16th Oct 1638 : Baptism

ARTHUR Abraham of St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey 29th Oct 1675 : Marriage

ARTHUR Nicholas son of Mary Carpenter of Sutton Surrey 27th Mar 1640 : Burial

ASHBY Roger of St Saviour Southwark 4th Apr 1679 : Marriage

ASLEBY Richard of Normanby Yarmouth 22nd Dec 1674 : Marriage

ATTKINSON Martha of Kingston 14th Aug 1678 : Marriage

ATWOOD Joane daughter of John of Sutton Surrey 17th Oct 1639 : Baptism