CARPENTER James of Kingston 14th Aug 1678 : Marriage

CARTER Henry of St Olave Southwark 2nd Mar 1677 : Marriage

CHALWORD Robert of Sutton Surrey 14th Mar 1642 : Burial

CHARLEWOOD John apprentice of Thomas Graves 12th May 1639 : Burial

CHARLEWOOD William apprentice of Nathaniell Allison of Sutton Surrey 22nd May 1638 : Burial

CHREST Thomas son in law of John Kinge of Sutton Surrey 26th Oct 1639 : Burial

CLAYTON Richard of Christ Church London 25th Apr 1681 : Marriage

COCKAYNE Susanna of St Saviour Southwark 14th Nov 1676 : Marriage

COLE Stevens of St Dunstan's In The East London 17th Dec 1679 : Marriage

COLES Alice of St Saviour Southwark 19th Aug 1678 : Marriage

COLLINS James of Sutton Surrey 29th Oct 1641 : Burial

COLLINS Ruth daughter of Thomas of Sutton Surrey 10th Aug 1630 : Baptism

CONSTABLE William of Lingfield 15th Jun 1675 : Marriage

COOKE Elizabeth of St Olave's Southwark 27th Nov 1682 : Marriage

COOPER Margarett of Ewell 15th Sep 1675 : Marriage

COLLINS Goodwife wife of James the elder of Sutton Surrey 21st May 1638 : Burial

COLLINS Joane daughter of Thomas of Sutton Surrey 19th Nov 1637 : Baptism

COTTERALL Goodman a stranger that died at Goodman Graves of Sutton Surrey 25th Jan 1640 : Burial

CRANE Judith of St George's Southwark 20th Dec 1675 : Marriage

CROCKFORD Ann of Woodham, Chertsey 22nd Aug 1678 : Marriage

CUBISH Mary of St Saviour Southwark 13th Mar 1675 : Marriage