FILLITER Sarah of St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey : Marriage

FLINT Mary of Horley 28th Apr 1680 : Marriage

FLOOD John husband of Elizabeth of Sutton Surrey 8th Aug 1638 : Burial

FLOOD John son of John (Deceased) of Sutton Surrey 3rd Nov 1638 : Burial

FLOOD Elizabeth of Sutton Surrey 23rd Aug 1638 : Marriage

FLOOD Widow the former wife of John Flood 5th May 1639 : Burial

FORD Robert of Mortlake 6th Jan 1676 : Marriage

FOWLER John of St Saviour Southwark 14th Nov 1676 : Marriage

FRANKLIN Mary of All Hallows Barking London 20th Jul 1681 : Marriage

FREEMAN Richard of St Sepulchre London 18th Sep 1680 : Marriage

FRERE Daniel of Redrith (Rotherhithe) 5th Sep 1678 : Marriage