GARDNER George of Woking 22nd Aug 1678 : Marriage

GAZE William of Croydon 3rd Oct 1676 : Marriage

GIBSON Joanna of St Saviour Southwark : Marriage

GLAN Roger of Chertsey 30th Mar 1675 : Marriage

GLOW Mary of Christ Church Surrey 1st Feb 1676 : Marriage

GOODHEW William of St Buttolph (Boltoph) Billingsgate 8th Mar 1683 : Marriage

GRACE Elizabeth daughter of Thomas of Sutton Surrey 10th Mar 1639 : Burial

GRACE Ellen wife of Thomas of Sutton Surrey 13th Apr 1640 : Burial

GRACE Thomas son of Thomas of Sutton Surrey 5th Mar 1637 : Baptism and 21st Jan 1638 : Burial

GRANSDON Robert of Lambeth 25th Jan 1679 : Marriage

GREEN Johanna of St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey : Marriage