LAMBERT John son of John of Sutton Surrey 11th Jul 1639 : Baptism

LAMBERT Ruth daughter of John of Sutton Surrey 7th Dec 1636 : Baptism

LANCASHIRES Mary of Ebisham (Epsom) 25th Apr 1681 : Marriage

LANE Elizabeth of Sutton Kent 7th Jul 1680 : Marriage

LANEDON Martha daughter of a vagrant beggar at Sutton Surrey 30th Aug 1630 : Baptism

LAURENCE Anne of Crayford, Kent 6th Sep 1676 : Marriage

LAVIN Mary of St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey 18th Jun 1677 : Marriage

LEE Mary of Chertsey 15th Apr 1678 : Marriage

LEE Thomas of Chertsey 29th May 1679 : Marriage

LEFFOOTE Edward son of John of Sutton Surrey 12th May 1639 : Baptism and 8th Mar 1642 : Burial

LEONARD Richard of Laleham Middlesex 22nd Feb 1681 : Marriage

LEWIN Eleanor of Epsom 23rd Sep 1678 : Marriage

LIFE Mary of Reigate 30th Oct 1676 : Marriage

LINCOLNE Joyce of St Botolph Aldgate London 5th May 1677 : Marriage

LISCOMB George of Walton Upon Thames 9th Mar 1677 : Marriage

LISNEY James of Reigate 7th Dec 1678 : Marriage

LLOYD Mary of Lambeth 22nd Apr 1678 : Marriage

LOCK William of St George's Southwark 20th Dec 1675 : Marriage

LOWE Susannah of New Branford Middlesex 30th Sep 1681 : Marriage

LUCK Elizabeth of St Saviour's Southwark 24th Dec 1674 : Marriage

LUCKE Margaret of St Saviour Southwark 25th Mar 1676 : Marriage

LUSHER Robert of Chiddingfold 17th Jun 1674 : Marriage