RACKE Charles of St Saviour Southwark 3rd Jan 1682 : Marriage

RATLIEFE Frances daughter of Francis of Sutton 25th Sep 1636 : Baptism

RAYDEN Elizabeth sister of Thomas Grace of Sutton Surrey 2nd Apr 1637 : Burial

RICHARDSON Mary of Reigate 7th Dec 1678 : Marriage

RICKARDS Mary of St Sepulchres London May 1682 : Marriage

RIDLEY Elizabeth of Worth, Sussex 15th Jun 1675 : Marriage

ROBERTS George Rev Vicar of Maldon 24th Jan 1678 : Marriage

ROFFEY Thomas of St Olave Southwark 18th Jun 1677 : Marriage

ROGERS Jane of Ewell 14th June 1676 : Marriage

ROGERS Joane daughter of John of Sutton Surrey 5th Sep 1639 : Burial

ROSINGTON Elizabeth of Richmond 7th Jan 1679 : Marriage

ROYDEN Elizabeth of St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey 26th Apr 1682 : Marriage