SANDERS Thomas of St Saviour Southwark 13th Mar 1675 : Marriage

SAUNDERS Mary of Battersey (Battersea) 6th Jun 1682 : Marriage

SAUNDERS Robert of St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey 14th Jun 1681 : Marriage

SAWREY Martha of Kingston Upon Thames 17th Nov 1677 : Marriage

SAWYER John of St Giles in the Fields Middlesex 22nd Oct 1678 : Marriage

SAYER Thomas of London 24th Dec 1674 : Marriage

SAYERS John of Camberwell 15th Nov 1676 : Marriage

SAYLE Elizabeth of Pirford (Pyrford) 22nd Aug 1678 : Marriage

SAYLE John of Pirford (Pyrford) 22nd Aug 1678 : Marriage

SHARPE Robert of St George Buttolph (Botolph) Lane, London 6th Dec 1676 : Marriage

SHEAPARD Richard of Chichester Sussex 27th Apr 1678 : Marriage

SHELLEY Charles of St Martins In The Fields Middlesex 13th Aug 1679 : Marriage

SHORTER Elizabeth daughter of Thomas the younger of Sutton Surrey 11th Apr 1641 : Baptism

SHORTER Joane daughter of Thomas of Sutton Surrey 16th Apr 1637 : Baptism

SMITH Edward of Chertsey 10th Oct 1674 : Marriage

SMITH Sarah of St Mary Athill (At-Hill) 3rd Mar 1683 : Marriage

SMITH William son of John of Sutton Surrey 11th Aug 1638 : Burial

SNELL Susann of St Saviour Southwark 24th May 1679 : Marriage

SPARKES Charles of Battersey (Battersea) 6th Jun 1682 : Marriage

STACY Elizabeth of Leatherhead 16th Apr 1678 : Marriage

STAPLES Elizabeth of Chertsey 29th May 1679 : Marriage

STEERE Joane of Ebisham (Epsom) 28th Nov 1877 : Marriage

STEEVENS Elizabeth of Westerham, Kent 3rd Oct 1676 : Marriage

STENT Goodwife of Sutton Surrey 4th Nov 1637 : Burial

STENT Mary of Chertsey 22nd Dec 1674 : Marriage

STEPHENS Elizabeth of St Martins In The Fields Middlesex 13th Aug 1679 : Marriage

STEVENS Richard of St Saviour Southwark 19th Aug 1678 : Marriage

STEWARD Mary daughter of Allin of Sutton Surrey 16th Jul 1637 : Baptism

STONE Elizabeth daughter of John of Sutton Surrey 19th Oct 1638 : Baptism

STONE John son of John of Sutton Surrey 6th Aug 1637 : Baptism and 6th Oct 1637 : Burial

STORY Anthony of St Saviour Southwark 7th Jan 1679 : Marriage

STUDWELL James of Epsom 22nd Sep 1678 : Marriage

SUMNER Mary of Farnham 7th Sep 1679 : Marriage