THOMSONS Tymothy a Londoners child nursed at widow Kellicks of Sutton Surrey 2nd Apr 1641 : Burial

THOROWGOOD Sarah of St George Southwark 3rd Jan 1682 : Marriage

TOLLCOTT Jeremy of Colchester, Essex 26th Mar 1675 : Marriage

TORNEY George of St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey 6th Dec 1675 : Marriage

TURNER Richard of Eriffe (Erith) Kent 7th July 1680 : Marriage

TYE Dorothy daughter of John of Sutton Surrey 5th May 1639 : Baptised

TYE John of Sutton Surrey 7th May 1642 : 7th May 1642 : Burial

TYE William son of John of Sutton Surrey 13th Jan 1637 : Burial