WAKFORD Elizabeth of Shere 8th Jul 1675 : Marriage

WALLIS Jane of Chertsey 25th Oct 1678 : Marriage

WALTER John son of William of Sutton Surrey 11th Mar 1638 : Baptism

WALTER Thomas son of William of Sutton Surrey 6th Oct 1641 : Baptism

WAPSHOTT Richard of Chertsey 15th Apr 1678 : Marriage

WARD James of Chertsey 10th Jul 1679 : Marriage

WARNFORD Ann of St Bridget's (St Bride's) London 5th Dec 1682 : Marriage

WARREN Elizabeth of St George Southwark 13th Jun 1674 : Marriage

WATKINS Elizabeth of Lingfield 14th Nov 1678 : Marriage

WATTFORD Mary of Euhurst 28th Apr 1675 : Marriage

WEBB William of King's Hatfield, Hertford 4th May 1676 : Marriage

WEBBER John of Wapping Middlesex 17th Nov 1679 : Marriage

WELLBELOVED James of Chersey 22nd Dec 1674 : Marriage

WELLS John of St Olave Southwark 20th Nov 1674 : Marriage

WELSH Elizabeth of Deptford 6th Dec 1676 : Marriage

WHEATLEY Elizabeth of Chertsey 30th Mar 1675 : Marriage

WHEATLEY John of Chertsey 23rd Feb 1677 : Marriage

WHEATLEY John of Ebisham (Epsom) 28th Nov 1677 : Marriage

WHEELER Katherine of St Nicholas Guildford 14th Apr 1675 : Marriage

WHIBBY John of St Mary Magladen Bermondsey 6th Oct 1681 : Marriage

WHITING Elisabeth of Sutton Surrey 13th Mar 1642 : Baptism

WHITTON Edward of St Saviour Southwark 6th Mar 1677 : Marriage

WILD Mary of Ebisham (Epsom) 15th Jan 1863 : Marriage

WILLIAMS Thomas of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey 31st Oct 1679 : Marriage

WILLMOT Richard of St Giles In The Fields 27th Nov 1682 : Marriage

WINSETT Mary of Godstone 15th May 1675 : Marriage

WOOD Milleson of Banstead 17th Nov 1637 : Marriage

WOOLVIN William of North Stoake, Sussex 6th Oct 1676 : Marriage

WOOLTEN Thomas of St Mary Magdalen  Bermondsey 17th Jun 1679 : Marriage

WREN Anne of Ebbisham (Epsom) 15th Aug 1681 : Marriage

WYLD Richard of Headley 30th Aug 1675 : Marriage