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A Ladies Day Out In The 1950sA Ladies Day Out In The 1950s
Modified 30-Oct-22

1950s Elderly Ladies Day OutA 1950s CoupleA 1950s Elderly ManA 1950s Fashionable CoupleA 1950s ManA 1950s Smartly Dressed ManA 1950s WomanA 1950s Young ManA 1950s Young WomanA 1950s Young WomanA Glamorous 1950s WomanA Group Of Young People 1950sA Ladies Day Out In The 1950sA Man In The 1950sA Young Woman In The 1950sDoris Alison Elspeth Wallace 1903-1956Elsie May Eyles Nee Edgecock  Margate 1951Irene Howarth And Sheila Martin c.1950Irene Lightfoot 1950sThree Women 1950s