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Kellie J Chaplain Army ChaplainsKelly J L Lt MC Royal EngineersKemp J CQMS 4th Royal ScotsKennedy A Captain MC 11th Royal ScotsKennedy J E Lt 8th Seaforth HighlandersKer M A Lt Col Indian Medical ServicesKerr G S Pte 5th And 13th Royal ScotsKilpatrick R F Pte Argyll and Sutherland HighlandersKincaid A D 2nd Lt 8th Black WatchKincaid J B Lt 13th Royal ScotsKing A D C Lt 18th HussarsKinmont J C Captain Tank CorpsKirk J Chaplain MC Army ChaplainsKirkland W H C Captain 7th Cameron HighlandersKirkpatrick R 2nd Lt Duke Of Cornwalls Light InfantryKuny S A Major Royal Army Medical CorpsKydd J W A 2nd Lt 3rd Attd 19th Lancashire Fusiliers