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MacAlistair G H 2nd Lt 5th Royal Scots Fusiliers Attd Machine Gun Corps ObitMacAulay M S 2nd Lt Lothian And Border Horse ObitMacDiarmid J Captain New Zealand Medical Corps ObitMacDonald B I Captain Royal Army Medical Corps ObitMacDonald J M Captain 1st Cameronians Attd Royal Scots Fusiliers ObitMacDonald M D 2nd Lt 9th Seaforth Highlanders ObitMacDonald M Lt 10th Black Watch ObitMacDonald M Pte Argyll And Sutherland Highlanders ObitMacDonald R O C Captain MC Royal Flying Corps ObitMacFarlane A N Pte South African Infantry ObitMacFarlane I Captain Royal Army Medical Corps ObitMacGillivray W R K Pte 1st Cameronians ObitMacGregor R A M Lt Royal Garrison Artillery ObitMacIldowie E J H 2nd Lt 9th Highland Light Infantry ObitMacIndoe J G Major Royal Army Medical Corps ObitMacIntyre P B Captain Seaforth Highlanders ObitMacIver D J 2nd Lt 4th Cameron Highlanders ObitMacKay A K 2nd Lt 15th Highland Light Infantry ObitMacKay A L 2nd Lt Royal Scots Fusiliers ObitMacKay I Major 4th And 6th Cameron Highlanders Obit