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Elephant Rides At London Zoo 1940sElephant Rides At London Zoo 1940s
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A Child In Coleman Close Wapping 1950A Child Playing In Bethnal Green London 1950A Market In Wentworth Street Aldgate London 1950A Police Officer Crossing The Road With Children London 1920sA Policeman Directing Traffic At Hyde Park CornerA Shop In Artillery Lane Off Bishopsgate 1950A Street Market At Dalston 1950A Terrace In Camden Town London 1940sA Travelling Funfair In Commercial Road 1950Amen Corner With St Pauls Over The Roof Tops London 1920sAn Anti War Speech In Hyde Park 1920sBallet School In Bernhard Baron St Georges Settlement Off Commercial Road 1950Bandstand Clapham Common 1907Bankside Southwark 1940sBattersea Park 1952  No 2Battersea Park 1952 3Battersea Park 1952 No 1Battersea Park From The North Side 1940sBattersea Power Station 1940sBlackfriars Bridge And St Pauls c1903

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