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British Soldiers Outside A NAAFIBritish Soldiers Outside A NAAFI
Modified 11-Sep-22

A British Six Pounder In A Long Range Duel In The Desert In Libya 1942A.A. Gun Used As A Field Gun Near Medjez-El-Bab 1942Allied Troops Who Fought And Lived In Mud And Water In New GuineaBelgian Soldiers And Civilians Greeting Lorryloads Of British SoldiersBritish Commandos Rushing The Beach At Majunga And TamataveBritish Soldier In Camp At El BallahBritish Soldiers In Camp Near AdenBritish Soldiers On The Quayside Of A British Port After The Evacuation Of DunkirkBritish Troops On Their Way Home After The Evacuation Of DunkirkInfantry And Anti Tank Gunners In The Battle Of Knightsbridge 1942Men Of No 5 Commando Leave A Transport In Assault Craft For Attack On MajungaMen Of The BEF Arriving Safely Back In A British Port From Dunirk Escorted By Units Of The Royal NavyMen Of The BEF Back From France After The Evacuation One Man Leads A Bull Terrier Who Belonged To A Subaltern O The Queens Bays Who Did Not ReturnMen Of The BEF Wading Out From The Shore To Vessels Waiting For Them During The Evacuation From DunkirkRoyal Irish Fusiliers Near The Front Line In Belgium May 1940WW2 British Camp Happy Dashera WelcomeBritish Soldiers Outside A NAAFIGroup Of British Army SoldiersThe BEF Entering BelgiumTwo WW2 Soldiers Out In A Boat