Wedding Of Harold Edward Bingemann And Violet Harriet MessengerWedding Of Harold Edward Bingemann And Violet Harriet MessengerHarold Edward Bingemann And Violet Harriet Messenger married on the 1st July 1913 at St. Nicholas Church in Sutton, Surrey.
Harold lived at The Grennell Sutton and Violet at The Cottage Christchurch Park, Sutton.
After their marriage the couple lived at West View, Cornwall Road, Cheam. Edward served as an Lieutenant in the East Surrey Regiment during the First World War going to France in June 1916 leaving Violet at home with their young daughter Mary.
After the war the couple had a son, born in 1918 called Richard. The family moved to a house called Oakwood in The Drive Belmont and Edward was an A.R.P. Warden in Sutton during the Second World War. Violet died in 1951 Aged 61 and Edward in 1962 Aged 77.

Photo copied and cropped from The Past on Glass at Sutton Archives. Photographer David Knights-Whittome. Shared under the Creative Commons Non Commercial
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