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Gadd J Pte Army Service CorpsGage G Gnr Royal Field ArtilleryGainey R A Pte 3rd Royal FusiliersGainsbury C Mrs Special War WorkerGainsbury V Dvr Royal Field ArtilleryGale A Cpl Royal FusiliersGale A V Cpl 9th London Regiment And Royal Air ForceGale J H Pte Royal Fusiliers And Machine Gun CorpsGale J W LCpl Army Service CorpsGale W Pte 5th Middlesex RegimentGale W Pte Queens Royal West Surrey RegimentGall J Cpl Scots GuardsGallagher B Mrs Munitions WorkerGallagher J Pte 9th Middlesex RegimentGalliers H Gnr Royal Garrison ArtilleryGalliers M J Pte Royal FusiliersGalton H V Pte Army Service CorpsGalvin A Mrs Munitions WorkerGalvin A Pte Army Service CorpsGalvin E Mrs Munitions Worker