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Munitions Workers Copper BandersMunitions Workers Copper Banders
Modified 26-Sep-21
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A Bill Poster GirlA Detachment Of The WAAC On Their Way To FranceA Lumberwom Felling Trees In A Somerset WoodA Member Of The Womens Land ArmyA Scottish Dairy Woman Testing Milk In A LaboratoryA VAD Ambulance Driver Going To Meet A Hospital TrainA Woman Acetyline Welding In Aeroplane WorksA Woman Booking Clerk At Maida Vale StationA Woman Bus ConductressA Woman Chimney SweepA Woman Delivery DriverA Woman Forestry WorkerA Woman Gas Worker Carrying A Hundredweight Sack Of CokeA Woman Granite Worker At A Scottish QuarryA Woman In The Women's Forestry CorpsA Woman Mail Van Driver Watering Her HorseA Woman Munition Workers Football TeamA Woman Rifling A Naval Gun At Woolwich ArsenalA Woman Shepherdess In EpsomA Woman Taxi Driver In Eastbourne

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