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Radford G Pte Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry The Vivid 13th Feb 1915Radford H Dvr Royal Army Medical Corps The Vivid 17th April 1915Randall F Pte 8956 1st Royal Berks Regiment The Vivid 13th Feb 1915Ratcliff A Cpl Suffolk Regiment Of Lowestoft The Vivid 13th Mar 1915Ratcliff A Pte Canadian Expeditionary Force Of South Lowestoft The Vivid 3rd Apr 1915Ratcliffe J W Pte 4th Suffolk Regiment The Vivid 13th Feb 1915Raven J Pte 6th East Kent Regiment Of Hull The Vivid 10th Apr 1915Rayner R Sig HMS Dolphin Royal Navy The Vivid 27th Feb 1915Read C G Pte Royal Horse Artillery The Vivid 13th Feb 1915Redman F Sapper Royal Engineers The Vivid 27th Feb 1915Redmond J Gnr Royal Scots Fusiliers Of Ayr The Vivid 13th Mar 1915Reed E Dvr Royal Field Artillery The Vivid 20th Feb 1915Reed F Pte Royal Fusiliers Of Goswell Road The Vivid 3rd Apr 1915Reed W S Leading Stoker HMS Cochrane Royal Navy Of Barking The Vivid 27th Mar 1915Rees A G Ships Cook HMS King George Royal Navy Of Portsmouth The Vivid 20th Mar 1915Reeve T I Pte Royal Marine Light Infantry Of Beckenham The Vivid 10th Apr 1915Relf G Dvr Royal Field Artillery Of Peckham The Vivid 17th April 1915Rennie G L Pte Army Service Corps Of Edinburgh The Vivid 24th April 1915Renshaw C H AB HMS Indefatigable Royal Navy Of Pitsmoor The Vivid 20th Mar 1915Revill W Stoker HMS Venerable Royal Navy The Vivid 17th April 1915