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British Soldiers Arriving In A VillageBritish Soldiers Arriving In A Village
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A Battlefield Light Railway In WinterA British Front LineTrench Firing A Rocket As A Signal To The ArtilleryA Corner Of The Battlefield On The Western FrontA French Boy Selling English Newspapers In The TrenchesA Front Line Trench On The Western FrontA German Gun Pit Captured By The Tank In The BackgroundA Group Of Men And MunitionsA Large Roadside Ammunition Dump Close To The Battle LineA Lewis Machine Gun On The Western FrontA Meal In The Front Line TrenchA Pair Of Mules Hauling Out Another That Has Slipped Into A Shell Hole Full Of MudA Pantomime Rehearsal On The Western Front 1A Pantomime Rehearsal On The Western Front 2A Salvage Dump On The British Western FrontA Tank Charging A German Barbed Wire EntanglementA Tank Trapped In A Mud And Water Logged Ditch On The Western Front Feb 1918A Tank With The Name Hyacinth Seen Temporarily Trapped In The Second Trench Sstem Of The Hindenberg  LineA Trench Sentry On The Western Front With A Periscope Camouflaged In SackingA Wiring Party On The Western FrontA Working Party On A Light Railway On The Western Front

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