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Abdy G Pte South Notts Hussars The Vivid 20th Feb 1915Abdy J Pte South Notts Hussars The Vivid 20th Feb 1915Abel A Pte 1st Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment Of Old Kent Road The Vivid 20th Mar 1915Adams J H C Dvr Royal Field Artillery Of Cardiff The Vivid 6th Mar 1915Adams J Pte Somerset Light Infantry Of Bath The Vivid 24th April 1915Adamson J W Pte Royal Army Medical Corps Of Sheffield The Vivid 17th April 1915Alderson T Pte 14th West Yorkshire Regiment Of Hartlepool The Vivid 17th April 1915Alford P N Pte 2nd Shropshire Yeomanry The Vivid 13th Feb 1915Alldred C T Pte 8th Kings Own Royal Lancs Regiment Of Cadishead The Vivid 24th April 1915Alliston L Pte 5th Essex Regiment Of Hedingham The Vivid 27th Mar 1915Alway S Pte Grenadier Guards Of Leicester The Vivid 13th Mar 1915Anderson H W W AB Royal Naval Division Of Nunhead The Vivid 10th Apr 1915Andrews L H Drummer 11th Canadian Expeditionary Force The Vivid 20th Feb 1915Apperley F J Pte Canadian Expeditionary Force Of Leicester The Vivid 10th Apr 1915Arnold C Cpl 1st East Surrey Regiment Of West Molesey The Vivid 6th Mar 1915Arnold F Leading Stoker HMS Indefatigable Royal Navy The Vivid 20th Feb 1915Ashby W Pte 20th London Regiment Of Lewisham The Vivid 10th Apr 1915Ashdown Pte 1st Northumberland Fusiliers The Vivid 10th Apr 1915Ashton H Y Pte Royal Army Medical Corps Of Holloway The Vivid 17th April 1915Atkinson C Dvr Army Service Corps The Vivid 13th Feb 1915