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A Group Of Newfoundland Officers From Gallipoli Serving In France 1916Bartlett R W Captain Newfoundland RegimentBryne G G Captain Newfoundland RegimentButler B Major Newfoundland RegimentClift J Captain Newfoundland RegimentDonnelly L J Captain Newfoundland RegimentGardiner C Lt Newfoundland RegimentGreene W M Lt Newfoundland RegimentMarch J W Major Newfoundland RegimentNangle T Lt Col Newfoundland RegimentNewfoundland Cyclists Returning To Billets After MonchyNewfoundland Forestry Battalion Cutting Timber In ScotlandNewfoundland Officers At Their Billets In FranceOfficers Of The Newfoundland Regiment In France 1917Paterson R G Captain Newfoundland RegimentSoldiers From The Newfoundland Regiment Being Treated In TheThird London General Hospital WandsworthSoldiers From The Newfoundland Regiment Playing Billiards In TheThird London General Hospital WandsworthThe 1st Newfoundlnd Regiment At Machine Gun Practice St Johns 1914The Newfoundland Regiment Band At The Royal Exchange LondonThe Newfoundland Regiment Band Celebrating The 420th Anniversary Of Newfoundland With Their Mascot