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Badger E Pte Notts And Derby Regiment Of Sheffield The Vivid 27th Mar 1915Bagnall C A Tpr 5th Lancers Of Poplar The Vivid 17th April 1915Bailey W V Gnr Royal Horse Artillery Of Dulwich The Vivid 3rd Apr 1915Baker B Shoeing Smith Royal Garrison Artillery The Vivid 27th Feb 1915Baker Leading Stoker HMS Goliath Royal Navy Of Bristol The Vivid 10th Apr 1915Baker T E Pte Kings Royal Rifle Corps Of Ashtead The Vivid 27th Mar 1915Baldak G E AB HMS Africa Royal Navy Of Stepney The Vivid 3rd Apr 1915Baldry J Pte Grenadier Guards Of Nottingham The Vivid 10th Apr 1915Ball H Pte Duke Of Cornwalls Light Infantry Of Dubbers The Vivid 24th April 1915Ball V H S Gnr Royal Garrison Artillery Of Liverpool The Vivid 20th Mar 1915Bambrough H Pte Durham Light Infantry Of Killamarsh The Vivid 17th April 1915Bannister E F Dvr Army Service Corps of Watford The Vivid 6th Mar 1915Barber C Pte Royal Marine Light Infantry The Vivid 6th Feb 1915Barker W Pte 9th Manchester Regiment Of Stalybridge The Vivid 27th Mar 1915Barlow T Tpr Royal Horse Guards Of Salford The Vivid 10th Apr 1915Barnes F LCpl Royal Fusiliers Of Limehouse The Vivid 20th Mar 1915Barnes G F Pte Royal Garrison Artillery The Vivid 20th Feb 1915Barnes W T Pte 10th London Regiment Of Victoria Park The Vivid 17th April 1915Barrett J Pte Rifle Brigade The Vivid 20th Feb 1915Barrow T Pte 2nd Scots Guards Of Leytonstone The Vivid 3rd Apr 1915