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Troops At Arras Boarding On Of The 1300 London Buses Sent To France During The WarTroops At Arras Boarding On Of The 1300 London Buses Sent To France During The War
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A Battalion Orderly Room Attending To Daily Correspondence In A Shell CraterA Battlefield Road Used For Gun Transports And Reinforcements Near The Menin RoadA Big Transport Lorry Which Has Run Off The Road Into A Ditch Which Had Been Concealed By A Thick Layer Of SnowA Billet In Former Farmhouse On The Western FrontA Blown Up Wooden Bridge At Nesle Being Repaired By British Soldiers During The AdvanceA British Infantry Working Party Bridging A Captured German TrenchA British Officer In A Communication TrenchA British Officer Scanning Captured Ground In A German Armoured Observation BoxA British Sentry In FeuchyA British Soldier Standing In A German Sentry Box after The Enemy Had Fallen Back During The Advance On Bapaume And PeronneA British Solider On The Western Front With A Christmas Pudding From HomeA Captured German Flammenwerer Or Flame ThrowerA Captured German Gun Being Taken To A British Workshop Behind Our FrontA Car Churning Its Way Through The Mud And Water On The Western Front Early In 1917A Car Stuck Fast In The Mud On The Western Front Early In 1917A Communication Trench Bridged For Cavalry To Cross On The Western FrontA Corner Of The Battlefield Near ArrasA Despatch Rider Struggling In The Snow On The Western Fron Dec 1917A Discarded Motor Car That Has Been Damaged By A Bursting ShellA Funeral On The Western Front

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