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Miss Taylor And DogMiss Taylor And Dog
Modified 25-Feb-24
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A Baby c.1900A Brother And Sister c.1900A Brother And Sister c.1910A Little Girl c.1905A Loving CoupleA Man With A Little Girl c.1910A Nurse c.1910An Edwardian WomanA Young Woman c.1910A Young Woman c.1910Alfred John Willmore of Rosebery Avenue Cheam 1906An Edwardian Lady Wearing Pince NezAn Edwardian LadyAn Edwardian Young ManAn Edwardian Young ManAn Old Lady c.1910Janet Paton Cowan (nee Fulton) c.1910Maud Bessie Ballantyne of Cecil Road Cheam 1905Miss Marston And DogMiss Taylor And Dog

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