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Makin J A Rfn Kings Royal Rifle Corps Of Broadheath The Vivid 27th Mar 1915Maleedy O Pte South Lancs Regiment The Vivid 27th Feb 1915Manock T Pte 6th Lancashire Fusiliers Of Manchester The Vivid 6th Mar 1915Marland R Pte Manchester Regiment Of Oldham The Vivid 3rd Apr 1915Marquis C J Pte 6226 2nd Wiltshire Regiment The Vivid 6th Feb 1915Marshall R T Pte Royal Marine Light Infantry Of Sunderland The Vivid 24th April 1915Marshall S Sapper Royal Engineers Of Sunderland The Vivid 27th Mar 1915Martin G F PO 1st Class Torpedo Boat Royal Navy The Vivid 10th Apr 1915Martin H Lt Royal Field Artillery Of Peterborough The Vivid 6th Mar 1915Martin W Dvr Royal Engineers Of Bedminster The Vivid 20th Mar 1915Masson W D Pte Army Ordnance Corps The Vivid 6th Feb 1915Mathews A W Leading Mech Airship Section Royal Naval Air Service The Vivid 6th Feb 1915Matthews A H AB HMS Iron Duke Royal Navy The Vivid 27th Feb 1915Maxwell C T Pte 2067 5th Border Regiment The Vivid 6th Feb 1915May W H LCpl Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment The Vivid 3rd Apr 1915Mayhew R Pte Durham Light Infantry Of Wood Green The Vivid 27th Mar 1915McConville C V Pte Royal Irish Rifles Of Armagh The Vivid 10th Apr 1915McDowell W Pte Leicestershire Regiment Of Thurmaston The Vivid 10th Apr 1915McEwan L J Pte Highland Light Infantry Of Glasgow The Vivid 13th Mar 1915McEwen S Stoker HMS Indomitable Of Barking The Vivid 20th Mar 1915