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2nd Lt G McCubbin Royal Flying CorpsA British Airman Ready To Fly To Kut With Bags Of Grain To Be Dropped On General Townshends CampA Close Up View Of A British Dirigible Observation CarA German Scout Aeroplane Brought Down Over British LinesA Life-Belted British Airman In Case Of A Fall Into The SeaA Naval Seaplane Known As A Wild Duck Like Those Used In The Raid On ZeebruggeBritish Aeroplane In Pursuit Of Geman AeroplaneBritish Airmen Bringing In Their ReportsBritish Airmen In Italy In January 1918British Biplanes About To Leave For The Attack On The Zeppelin Factory And Sheds At FriedrichshafenBritish Kite Balloon Observers On The Western FrontBritish Pilots And Observers At The DardanellesFixing A Defect In A Kite Balloon Between AscentsOfficers Of The Naval Wing Of The Royal Flying CorpsPilots Both Military And Naval Awaiting OrdersRoyal Flying Corps Observers Putting On Parachute Harness Before Going Up In A Kite BalloonRoyal Naval Air Service Men Testing The Wind In SalonikaThe Funeral Of A British Airman In France 1916