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British Enka Association Football TeamBritish Enka Association Football TeamBack Row Standing : J Todhunter, W Hall, W Currie, J Laidlow, W Meadows, W Connor, H Byrne, W Sparkes.
Front Row : F Fitzgerald, G Brazier, J Breckford, J Callaghan, J Dicks, J Williams.
Brenka ChildrenBrenka ChildrenBritish Enka Association Football TeamHeim G A MHeim G A M ObitHewitt A I GMcQueen RThe Brains TrustThe Engineers Football TeamThe Rest Football TeamThe Twenty-Oners Photo No 2The Twenty-Oners Photo No 3The Twenty-Oners Photo No 4The Twenty-Oners Photo No 5The Twenty-Oners Photo No 6The Twenty-Oners Photo No 7The Twenty-Oners Photo No 8Murphy Kathleen And Steel William Photo No 1Murphy Kathleen And Steel William Photo No 2Moorcroft Ena and Verwayen Anton

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