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A Badly Wounded Canadian Soldier On An Ambulance At An Advanced Dressing StationA Chauffeur Wounded Four Times While Driving A British Staff OfficerA Field Hospital WardA First World War Hospital In A Large Country HouseA Group Of Wounded Soldiers With Their Nurse Collecting A Red Cross AwardA Light Railway On The British Western Front Loadng Up A Train With WoundedA Military Hospital At Trinity College CambridgeA Ward In The Riding School At Milton Hill Military Hospital Berkshire 1914A Ward In The Skittle Alley At Milton Hill Military Hospital Berkshire 1914A Wounded Cavalry Sergeant Being CarriedA Wounded Highlander Being Caried By A SE And CR PorterA Wounded Officer Buying A War Bond From A Tank In Trafalgar SquareA YMCA Walking Wounded Coffee StallAn Australian Soldier Selling Roses To Wounded Soldiers On Alexandra Rose DayAn Australian Soldier With Trench Foot Awaiting The Arrival Of Red Cross Orderlies For Removal To HospitalBenfleet Hall War Hospital SuttonBritish Soldiers Resting In The Grounds Of The American War Hospital In PaigntonBritish Soldiers Wounded On The Somme On A Hospital Roof Garden In LondonBritish Wounded After The Battle Of LoosCanadian Wounded Soldiers Ontario Guelph Battalion At Woodcote Park Epsom 1916