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A Billet For British SoldiersA British Cavalryman Using A Hotchkiss Gun Sighting A German AeroplaneA British Grave Marked With German ShellsA British Scouting Group Signalling To A British AeroplaneA British Sentry Waiting To Strike The Gas Gong If He SpotsThe Rising Greenish Yellow Vapour Of A GaA British Soldier Among Icicles In The Winter Of 1916A British Soldier Firing A Lewis Machine Gun In Front Of OvilliersA Cavalry Trooper Firing A Hotchkiss GunA Driver Has A Lucky Escape In A Shelled Motor CarA Group Of British Soldiers Wearing Mistletoe On The Western Fron Christmas 1916A Heavy Howitzer In ActionA Motor Transport Convoy Passing A Column Of New Zealanders On The MarchA Mud Splattered Soldier Picking Out The Mud From His RifleA Patrol Of Cavalry Scouts Setting Off To ReconnoitreA Pile Of Ammunition For British GunsA Railway Engine Supply Tank Of WaterA RAMC Regimental Aid PostA Tarpaulin Water Trough Made For Cavalry Horses On The Western FrontA Tired British Soldier Taking A Rest In A Trench On The Western FrontA Wiring Party Off To Consolidate Newly Won Terrain On The Western Front

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