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Modified 17-Feb-20

Anderson F M Farrier Sergt 56800 Royal Field ArtilleryAnderson J Cpl 8810 1st Argyll And Sutherland HighlandersAnderson R W Pte M2-051717 Army Service CorpsBaillie J M B Gnr 7713 Royal Garrison ArtilleryBaldie J B Pte 2819 6th Black WatchBarclay G C Pte S-21179 11th Argyll And Sutherland HighlandersBell G Pte S-25831 8th Black WatchBoyd J B Captain Royal Army Medical CorpsBruce A H Sergt 3006 Australian PioneersBruce J Pte S-11343 8th Black WatchBurns J G Pte 40904 9th CameroniansCairns J H Pte S-4427 9th Black WatchChristie J LCpl 242532 6th Royal Warwickshire RegimentCraig G Pte 5352 15th Australian InfantryDowie J Pte S-17980 1st Cameron HighlandersDrummond D Sergt 7-14123 7th Royal Dublin FusiliersFerguson T Captain 6th Black WatchFord G Pte 3594 6th Black WatchGardiner A F Pte 33427 16th Highland Light InfantryGardiner F F LCpl 736729 16th Canadian Infantry