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Indian Army Corps Signals Lorries Cars Motor Cycles Merville FranceIndian Army Corps Signals Lorries Cars Motor Cycles Merville France
A Battalion Of The New Army Resting On A March Near Merville FranceA Dispatch Rider In FranceA Dispatch Rider Repairing A Motor Cycle Merville FranceA Field Kitchen Estaires FranceA Football Match Gurkhas Versus A Signal Company St Floris France.A Listening Post Leaving A TrenchA Listening Post Waiting In The Open For An Opportunity To AdvanceA London Motor Bus Carrying Indian Soldiers in France.A Shell Wrecked House In A French Village LaventieAn Indian Cavalry Brigade Signal Troop At Work in Aire FranceAn Officer Wearing A Back Badge To Allow Men Following To Know Their OfficersAn Officer's Dugout Fauquissart France.Arrival Of Mail At Brigade Post Office Linghem FranceSeaforth Highlanders Bomb Gun Section Shell bursting in front of trench St Floris France.British Soldiers At Play In FranceBritish Soldiers In Billets In FranceCasualty Arriving At A Field Ambulance La Gorgue FranceComrades In FranceGeneral Sir James Willcocks Visiting Highlanders holding an outpost Close To The Trenches Near Fauquissart FranceGroup of British & Indian officers 1-4th Gurkhas in a French farm house

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