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The Canham Children From SurreyThe Canham Children From SurreyPhoto copied and cropped from The Past on Glass at Sutton Archives. Photographer David Knights-Whittome. Shared under the Creative Commons Non Commercial Licence.
Modified 16-Jan-21

A BabyA Brother And Sister c.1910A Little Girl c.1910A Toddler In The 1910sBaby Cooke  7 Jan 1912Baby Dawson 16th Dec 1916Baby EdmundsonBaby Elmes 11th Nov 1911Barbara Joyce Vickers Christmas 1912Diana Gabriel Moran From Ewell 1911Dickinson Children Feb 1916Girl With Very Long HairIsabella Powell Born 7th Jan 1907 LiverpoolJoan Coller Woodcote Green Hill EpsomFanny Butler and Samuel Dainsborough Butler c.1916Percy Victor Simms Aged 3 years 3 months in Feb 1912Geoffrey Thomas Baskerville Age 2 Years 9 Months July 1915Dudley Walds Smith Born 1914 Rotorua, Auckland, New Zealand Taken 3rd Oct 1916Two Boys In Their Back GardenA Cute Baby In A Lacy Dress