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Children On The Beach 1930sChildren On The Beach 1930s
Modified 25-Feb-24

A Baby Taken On 2nd Feb 1931A Brother And Sister 1937A Cute Baby In The Garden 1930sA Little Baby With A Cleft LipA Little Boy On A Tricycle 1930sA Little Boy With A Pigeon 1930sA Little Girl In A School Photo 1939A Little Girl In Her Back Garden 1930sA Young Boy With A BabyAudrey Mould April 1935 Aged 10 YearsAnthony Francis Devis With His Brother Geoffrey Norman DevisChildren Paddling In The Sea In The 1930sKen Rogers And Geoffrey Rogers Cheviott Road Stanley LiverpoolAnthony Francis Devis 1930sLittle Boy And Girl Named Clara And Spencer Stoneman 1930sLittle Girl In Home Made Go KartOn The Beach At Shanklin With A Mickey Mouse Bucket 1938Peter John Bayliss Aged 13th MonthsLittle Girl Named Marion Building Sand Castles Burnham-On-Sea 1950sThree Little Girls Paddling In A Rock Pool 1930s