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Salukis 1950Salukis 1950
1950s Couple With SamoyedA Days Hunting With A Springer Spaniel 1950sA Little Poodle Enjoying The Sunshine In A Home 1970sA Little Poodle On A Caravan Holiday 1970sA Poodle 1970sA Poodle Begging 1970sAfghan Hound 1950Bassett Hounds 1950sBeagle 1950Borzois 1950Deerhound 1950Elkhound 1950Greyhound 1950Greyhounds In The Slips c.1950Harrier 1950Irish Wolfhound 1950Otterhound 1950Salukis 1950A Dog In A Tent 1950sWhippets 1950