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Sutton Volunteer Fire Brigade 1900Sutton Volunteer Fire Brigade 1900
Modified 23-Dec-22

Workers At Sutton Gas Works c.1900Knife Grinders Sheffield c.1900Sutton Volunteer Fire Brigade 1900Electric Motor Shop Vickers Sons And Maxim Sheffield c.1900South Gun Shop Vickers Sons And Maxim Sheffield c.1900Metal Buffers Sheffield c.1900A British Postman c 1910Woman War Worker WW1An Edwardian TearoomWorking Man In Bowler Hat And Waistcoat c.1920sMen Launching A Lifeboat 1930sA Vicar In The 1930sRag And Bone Merchants John Broad From Stockport 1952May Day Shire Horse Bradford 1950sStaff Of Britannia Building Society Co Durham 1920sThe Stilt Men Of The Hop Gardens East Malling Kent 1930sA Girl Ploughing A Field With A Shire Horse In Staffordshire c1950A Diver c.1920A Maid 1930sMarjorie S M Pennells A Nurse Born 1930. Taken late 1940s.