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The Band Of The 21st Royal Fusiliers Woodcote Park Camp EpsomThe Band Of The 21st Royal Fusiliers Woodcote Park Camp Epsom
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1st Battalion London Regiment At Swedish Drill On Tattenham Corner Station PlatformA Squad Of A Company 8th Leicestershire Regiment At Wokingham SurreyCamp Butchers Of The Sportsmans Battalion 23rd 24th Royal FusiliersHereford Regiment Soldiers After Being Inoculated Against TyphoidInspection Of 7th & 8th Battalions West Yorkshire Regiment In Victoria Square Leeds By The Lord Mayor 15th May 1915King George On Epsom Downs Inspecting The Public Schools BrigadeKitcheners Army At Tipperary Barracks Christmas Day 1914Men Of The 17th Welsh Regiment The Rhondda Bantams With Their New Army BootsNew Recruits In The Royal Artillery Receiving Their First Gunnery LessonOfficers Receiving Instruction In Firing The GunOn The Minature Range At Hythe School Of MusketryRecruits Having Their Feet Inspected After A Route MarchRecruits Of Kitcheners Second Army In Temple GardensRoyal Engineers 210th Company Inspection At Ilkley April 21st 1915The 21st Royal Fusiliers (4th Public School Battalion) at Woodcote Camp Epsom 1914The Band Of The 21st Royal Fusiliers Woodcote Park Camp EpsomThe Cheshire Yeomanry Being Taught To Spot The Hidden EnemeyThe Gordon Highlanders On The MarchThe Royal Fusiliers (Public School Battalions) At Woodcote Camp Epsom 1915Tipperary Barracks Christmas Day 1914

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