ADAM William James L/Sergt G/2131 7th Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment. KIA 13th Jul 1916. Age 21. Son Of Arthur Robert George & Rose Annie Adam, 19, William Road, Sutton.

ADAMS Percy Horace 2nd Lt 4th Attd 1st Notts And Derby Regiment. 3rd Oct 1918. Age 20. Son Of Alfred Horace Comyn & Amelia Adams. Woodleigh, Cumnor Road, Sutton.

ADDY Kenneth James Balgay 2nd Lt 1st Kings Royal Rifle Corps. 3rd Oct 1915 Vermelles, France. Age 23. Son Of George Henry & Harriett Addy, Hazelwood, The Drive, Belmont.

AHERN James Pte 15116 Army Service Corps. Died 19th Mar 1918. Age 43. Husband Of Florence Winifred Ahern 5 Ridgmount Villas, Montpelier Road, Sutton.

ALLEN Arthur John Pte 7013 4th London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 9th Sep 1916. Age 21. Son Of Arthur & Elizabeth Allen, 31 St Andrew's Road, Carshalton, Surrey.

ALLEN William Edmund L/Cpl 200348 4th Oxford And Bucks Light Infantry. KIA 16th Aug 1917. Age 19. Son Of Son of William and Rose Allen, of 63, Park St., Thame, Oxon. Formerly Of 51, Beulah Road, Sutton.

ANDERSON Charles George Pte 7596 2nd King's Royal Rifle Corps. Died Of Wounds 22nd Oct 1914. Age 28. Son Of John And Florence Anderson, 5 Brickyard Cottages, Malden Road, Cheam.

ANDREWS John Clifford Sergt M2/053542 Y Seige Park Attd 2nd Anzac Corps , Army Service Corps. KIA 12th Jul 1917. Age 22. Son Of George James & Annie Maria Andrews, Kenilworth, Sherwood Park Road, Sutton.

ANSCOMBE George Frederick Pte 12851 9th Devonshire Regiment. KIA 6th Oct 1918. Age 21. Son Of William & Margaret Anscomb 28, Poplar Cottages, Crown Road, Sutton. Brother of John A. Anscomb, of 94, Crown Rd., Sutton.

ANSCOMBE Henry Pte 7236 11th Royal Fusiliers KIA 23rd Apr 1918. Age 27. Son Of Mr & Mrs John Anscombe 27, Beulah Road, Sutton.

ARMSTRONG John Cluff Rfn S/11207 9th Rifle Brigade 17th May 1917. Age 21. Son Of Mrs Elizabeth A Armstrong, 1 Rectory Road, Sutton.

ARNALL Percy L/Cpl 2595 9th East Surrey Regiment KIA 26th Sep 1915. Age 28. Son Of Mark Clement & Louisa Mary Arnall. 40 High Street, Sutton. 

ASHBOURNE Reginald Ernest Pte 7934 1st East Surrey Regiment KIA 25th Sep 1916. Age 27. Son Of John Gerald & Elizabeth Ashbourne, 3 Brandon Road, Sutton.

AYLING Harty L/Cpl 22764 1st Border Regiment KIA 1st Jul 1916. Age 24. Husband Of Margaret Ayling, 20, William Street, The Wrythe, Carshalton.

AYRES Charles Edward Rfn 9866 1st King's Royal Rifle Corps. Died 30th Jan 1915. Age 22. Son Of Henry & Harriet Ayres, 2, Napper's Cottages, High Street, Sutton.

AYRES Henry Herbert Sergt 7779 9th King's Royal Rifle Corps. Died Of Wounds 22nd Dec 1915. Age 26.  Son Of Henry & Harriet Ayres, 2, Napper's Cottages, High Street, Sutton.

BAGSHAW Henry Edward  L/Cpl 4451 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays) 31st  May 1915. Age 28. Son Of Henry Thomas & Elizabeth Bagshaw, 46, Beauchamp Road, Sutton.

BAILEY Eliza E Munitions Worker. Died 14th Nov 1916 Age 24. Following An Accident In Munitions Factory Gander Green Lane Cheam. 1 Royal Cottages, Longfellow Road Worcester Park, Surrey

BAKER Alfred Reginald Pte M/338932 Army Service Corps Died At Sea 14th April 1918. Age 26. Son Of John Baker, 64 Warwick Road, Sutton.

BALDWIN Frederick Arthur Pte 13082 2nd Worcestershire Regiment KIA 20th Nov 1914. Age 19. Son Of John & Harriet Baldwin, 1 Clinton Terrace, Manor Lane Sutton.

BARBOUR Ronald Douglas Pte 32561 13th East Surrey Regiment. 16th Nov 1918. Husband of Winifred M H Barbour, 7, The Crescent, Westmead Road, Sutton

BARNETT William Stuart Cpl 27868 Royal Engineers. KIA 7th Sep 1914. Age 22. Son Of William & Louisa Barnett, 1, Wickham Road, Sutton.

BARNI Noel Henri Louis Lt 16th Middlesex Regiment Attd 47th Btn Machine Gun Corps. Died Of Wounds Les Dames, France 29th Mar 1918. Husband Of Louise Isabella Marion Barni, Lynton, Brunswick Road, Sutton.

BARTON William Bernard 2nd Lt 103rd Coy Machine Gun Corps. 28th Apr 1917. Age 23. Son Of Francis & Amy Florence Barton, Craig Gowan, Burdon Lane, Belmont.

BARTRUM Howard Laidlaw Captain 7th Yorkshire Regiment. 8th July 1918. Age 39. Son Of Albert & Lucy Bartrum 3 Wickham Road, Sutton.

BASTERFIELD William Joseph Pte L/8288 1st Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment. KIA 31st Oct 1914. Age 29. Son Of Joseph Basterfield 22, King's Road, Belmont. Husband Of Ellen Basterfield 51, King's Road, Belmont.

BEAN Bevis Heppel Lt 6th Royal Welsh Fusiliers Attd Royal Flying Corps. 18th Jun 1917. Age 27. Son Of Rev Benjamin & Harriet Dobing Bean, Homedale, Cedar Road, Sutton.

BEARD Albert Edward Pte 6915 2nd East Surrey Regiment. Drowned Salonica 14th Jun 1916. Grandson Of Maria Gains 66 Sydney Road, Sutton

BEDWELL Alfred George Pte G/15916 1st East Surrey Regiment KIA 24th Sep 1918. Age 24. Son Of William & Julia Bedwell, Hillside, Constance Road, Sutton.

BEDWELL James Pte S/19900 8th Black Watch KIA 19th Jul 1918. Age 31. Son Of William & Julia Bedwell, Hillside, Constance Road, Sutton. Husband Of Amelia Bedwell, 202, Collingwood Road, Sutton.

BENNETT Albert Frederick Pte G/92257 1st/2nd London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers). KIA 27th Aug 1918. Age 18. Son Of Thomas William & Minnie Jane Bennett 32, Ridgmount Villas, Montpelier Road, Sutton.

BERRY Harry Sig J/31818 HMS Raglan Royal Navy. 20th Jan 1918. Age 19. Son Of Dan & Harriet Berry 28, King's Road, Belmont.

BERRY John Anthony 2nd Lt 2nd (Attd 1st) Gordon Highlanders KIA Flanders 25th Sep 1915. Age 29. Elder son of Mr Anthony & Emma Harriet Berry Uplands, Stanley Road, Sutton.

Bitten, William Henry L/Cpl 6058 1st East Surrey Regiment. KIA 29th Dec 1915. Son Of William Pell & Sophia Bitten, 39, Benhill Road, Sutton. Husband Of Nellie Maria Bitten, 7, Queen's Road, Sutton.

BLAKE Edward George Pte 3/6975 1st Dorset Regiment. KIA 23rd Apr 1915. Age 20. Son Of Edward George & Clara Julia Blake, 2, Benhilton Villas, Benhill Avenue, Sutton.

BOND Ernest John Pte G/68389 2nd/4th London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers). 27th Oct 1917. Age 27. Husband Of Rose Anne Bond 5, Belmont Terrace, Downs Road, Belmont, Surrey.

BOUETTE Frank Pte 260145 5th Gloucestershire Regiment. Died 1920. Age 41. Husband Of Annie Bouette, 7 Clinton Terrace, Manor Lane Sutton.

BOWDEN Thomas Pte 22185 7th Gloucestershire Regiment. KIA 10th Feb 1917.

BRAIN Ernest Walter Sergt L/10664 (Served As E W Green) 4th Royal Fusiliers. KIA 26th Oct 1914. Son Of James Charles & The Late Mary Anne Brain, 172, Collingwood Road, Sutton.

BRAITHWAITE  Stanley Herbert L/Cpl G/7256 11th Royal Fusiliers KIA 1st Jul 1916. Son of Harry and Henrietta Braithwaite, of 139, Collingwood Rd., Sutton

BREESE Ernest Rfn 21/2150 9th King's Royal Rifle Corps. Died 30th Dec 1918. Son of the late James and Hannah Breese formerly of 75 Sydney Rd, Sutton.

BREESE William John Tpr 4723 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays) KIA 13th May 1915. Son of the late James and Hannah Breese formerly of 75 Sydney Rd, Sutton

BRIDGER Walter Pte 202915 1st/4th Royal Scots Fusiliers KIA 1st Sep 1918. Son of Son of Frank and Ruth Bridger, of Church Farm, Church Road, Sutton.

Brigstocke, Hugh Fraser Captain 7th/8th King's Own Scottish Borderers

Brine, Fred Ronald Cpl 10812 34th Machine Gun Corps

Brittain, R Cpl

Britton-Jones, Harold Pte

Brown, Arthur Henry Ebenezer L/Cpl 359136 4th Foreway Company Royal Engineers

Brown, Bert Daniel Pte 59555 Machine Gun Corps

Brown, Edwin Stanley L/Cpl 207787 10th Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment

Brown, Frank E. Rfn 55382 16th London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)

Brown, H L/Sergt 

Brown, Henry George Pte 71952 29th Middlesex Regiment Transferred To Labour Corps

Brown, Herbert Leslie L/Cpl 

Brown, Percy George Rfn A/203517 1st King's Royal Rifle Corps

Brown, Walter Frederick Pte G/16200 9th East Surrey Regiment

Brown, William Henry 2nd AM 58628 250th Squadron Royal Air Force

Bryant, Edward George Pte

Bryant, William Pte

Bryant, Harry James Sergt

Buckerfield, William E Rfn

Buckfield, George Leonard Ord Seaman J/17541 HMS Bulwark Royal Navy

Buckfield, Horace Pte 17281 5th Royal Berkshire Regiment

Buckfield, William Ernest L/Cpl WR/309309 Inland Water Transport, Royal Engineers

Buckfield W H Pte 5123 6th Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment

Buckland, E Sapper

Buckney, Ernest L/Cpl 1080 1st Honourable Artillery Company. KIA St Eloi 24th March 1915. Aged 33. The Limes, Cedar Road, Sutton.

Burberry, William James Pte 13191 1st Devonshire Regiment

Burch, H P 2nd Lt 15th Section Motor Machine Gun Corps

Burdfield, Jesse Rice L/Cpl 21638 2nd Coldstream Guards

Burdfield, Percy Charles L/Cpl 15002 2nd King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

Burns-Begg, Robert Col Special List

Butler, Walter John L/Cpl 

Cairns, Alexander Pte

Cairns, Robert Arthur Pte

Caisbrook, James Henry Sergt

Calthrop, Edward Spencer Surgeon Royal Navy

Carey, Alfred AB J/9112 HMS Somme Royal Navy

Carr, Walter Pte

Carter, E J Gnr

Carter, L H Pte

Catlin, Ernest William Dvr

Champion Herbert Pte 12323 1st Coldstream Guards

Champion, Robert A L/Sergt 25644 6th East Surrey Regiment

Chandler, Edwin Spencer 2nd Lt 10th Notts And Derby Regiment

Charman, Arthur Pte G/2357 1st East Surrey Regiment

Charman, James Cornelius Pte 265 3rd Royal Fusiliers

Chatterton, George Alfred Pte PS/1876 16th Middlesex Regiment

Chennery, William Pte G/11546 4th Royal Fusiliers

Cheshire, Eric Corderoy Lt 4th Royal Fusiliers

Chilvers, John Pte L/6831 1st East Surrey Regiment

Chippendale, Ernest S L/Cpl 32568 7th East Surrey Regiment

Chippendale, William Victor Gnr 68510 Royal Field Artillery

Clark, Harry Pte M1/5647 Army Service Corps

Clark, Kenneth Arthur Cpl

Clark, Theodore Preston L/Cpl

Clifton, Arthur G Pte

Clover, Samuel George 42526 Royal Irish Rifles

Cohen, Adolphus James Rfn A/200123 17th King's Royal Rifle Corps

Coldwells, Charles Albert 2nd Lt Royal Field Artillery

Coldwells, Francis Baker 2nd Lt 2nd Devonshire Regiment

Coldwells, Leonard George Pte 1745 14th London Regiment

Cook, P M L/Cpl 

Coombs, Ernest George Rfn B/200374 7th Rifle Brigade

Cooper, Charles Arthur Stoker 1st Class HMS Formidable Royal Navy

Cooper, Charles Henry Rfn R/32888 10th King's Royal Rifle Corps

Corne, Arthur Charles L/Cpl 531578 15th London Regiment (Civil Service Rifles)

Cowdrey, George William Pte 92692nd King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

Cox, John Benjamin Rfn R/1090 12th King's Royal Rifle Corps

Cox, William Thomas Pte 12791 12th East Surrey Regiment. 93, Westmead Road, Sutton.

Craker, Thomas Robert Pte G/13078 6th East Kent Regiment

Crook, Leslie Arthur Captain MC 1st Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment

Cross, E W Pte 

Crouch, Albert Edward Pte

Cuff, A E Pte 37823 26th Royal Fusiliers

Cuff, Arthur George Pte 61627 15th/17th West Yorkshire Regiment

Cuffley, Herbert Alfred Pte

Cumings, Reginald Leading Seaman

Currier, Samuel Charles Pte 2289 9th East Surrey Regiment

Daniels, Harry Richard Sergt Royal Engineers

Dartnell, Thomas Edwin Rfn 44353 11th King's Royal Rifle Corps

David, Charlie Wilfred Stoker 1st Class HMS Good Hope Royal Navy

Davis, Maurice Oliver Arthur 2nd Lt 13th London Regiment Attd 18th London Regiment

Dawson, William Sapper

Day, Oliver William James Ord Seaman J/23037 HMS Formidable Royal Navy

Dean, Henry Douglas Pte 4389 9th East Surrey Regiment

Deeth, Arthur Henry Gnr 2448 HMS Crescent Royal Marine Artillery

Dixon, Albert Comp Sergt Maj 10266 1st East Surrey Regiment

Dobbie, Robert Shedden 2nd Lt 11th Argyll And Sutherland Highlanders

Dodd, Alan Victor L/Cpl 4606 14th London Regiment

Dore, Alfred Clarence 2nd Lt York And Lancaster Regiment Attd 101st Btn Machine Gun Corps

Dowley, Cyril John L/Cpl 6700 2nd Honourable Artillery Company

Dowley, Harold Frederick Pte 205361 2nd/4th York And Lancaster Regiment

Dunkley, Ellis Pte

Dyke, Albert Thomas Dvr

Eastwood, H Pte

Edwards, Ernest Fred Gnr 74409 Royal Field Artillery

Emms, John Frederick Pte 9087 9th East Surrey Regiment

Evans, Thomas Pte

Evitt, Ernest Augustus Pte G/21650 1/4th Royal Sussex Regiment

Exelby, Charles Roden Sergt 550075 16th London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)

Farley, Michael F Pte 37736 7th Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment

Farrow, Mark Pte

Fea, Frederick William Pte 11395 7th East Kent Regiment KIA Messines 1st Nov 1915. Age 21. Son Of Mr & Mrs J T Fea Sutton.

Fewell, G F Pte 

Fisher, A G E Tpr 1006 2nd King Edward's Horse

Foord, Harold Rickwood Sub Lt 2nd Reserve Btn RN Div Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Formby, Thomas Hope Captain 1st Cambridgeshire Regiment

Forster, Eric Murray 2nd Lt 2nd Essex Regiment

Forster, Hugh Murray Major 8th King's Own Scottish Borderers

Foster, C J Pte

Foster, Ernest Pte

Foster, Frank James Pte 16610 3rd Scots Guards

Foster, Jesse William Pte

Fowle, Philip James Pte

Fowler, E A Pte Pte

Fox, James Frederick Pte

Freeman, John William Lt Royal Engineers

Fry, Harry Sapper 166220 Royal Engineers

Fry, William George Gnr 55325 Royal Field Artillery

Fullex, Alfred Edward Pte 10425 1st East Surrey Regiment

Galpin, Richard Guy Eric Pte 536940 15th London Regiment (Civil Service Rifles)

Galyer, Fred Mason Tpr

Gapper, William James Pte

Gashion, Stanley Michael 2nd Lt 1st East Surrey Regiment

Gaskins, Robert William Rfn

Gibbons, Harry Edmund Pte 441041 5th Canadian Infantry

Gibson, John Seear 2nd Lt 16th Bedfordshire Regiment

Gilbert, Charles Edward Pte 2nd Northamptonshire Regiment

Gilbert, J T Arm Staff Sergt

Girdlestone, Colin Tibbs Staff Sergt

Glanville, R F Dvr

Good, Archibald Thomas AB R/5686 Howe Btn RN Div Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Gordon, Alec L/Cpl

Gordon, Thomas Percy Pte 204556 2nd/4th Loyal North Lancs Regiment

Greaney, Archibald Pte 2290 9th East Surrey Regiment

Greenaway, Samuel George Nathaniel Pte

Greenfield, Thomas Bevil 2n Lt Royal Engineers

Greenslade, Alfred William Rfn 7528 12th London Regiment

Griffiths, L G 

Groombridge Herbert Arthur Rfn S/7958 8th London Regiment

Groombridge, John Granville Rfn S/1318 10th Rifle Brigade

Groombridge, William James  Munitions Worker

Hack, John Frederick Charles Lt

Haite, Charles Pte 22753 1st Border Regiment

Hall, Eric Watson Captain

Hall, W

Halse, Albert William Cpl 251529 2nd/6th Durham Light Infantry

Hamley, William Walter 2n Lt

Hamlyn, Alfred Ernest 2nd Lt 7th Duke Of Cornwall's Light Infantry

Hancock, Stanley George Midshipman

Hansford, Frederick Charles Stoker 1st Class

Harris, Ernest Rfn

Harris, Wilfrid Frank Sergt

Harrison, A W Tpr

Harrold, Ernest James Pte 3079 2nd London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)

Harrold, Herbert Frank Stoker 1st Class K/25529 HMS Vanguard Royal Navy

Harvey, Wickham Leathes Lt 7th Duke Of Connaught's On Rajputs Indian Army

Hawkins, Kenneth James 2nd Lt Tank Corps

Hayter, Hugh Percy Pte

Heffer, Cecil Howard Cpl

Henri, Frank Captain 11th Northumberland Fusiliers

Henry, Cyril Lloyd L/Cpl

Henton, Alfred Edward Rfn 4711 8th London Regiment

Henton, Frank Pte G/3633 2nd Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment

Hickman, Arthur Kendrick Lt 8th Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Hill, E J Pte

Hill, Harold Cecil Sapper

Hillbrook, Wallace Captain Uganda Medical Service

Hiller, Alan Menzies 2nd Lt Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment. Aged 20. The only son of Mr & Mrs H King-Hiller, Mayfield Road, Sutton.

Hills, Edwin James Tpr

Hixson, Arthur George Pte

Hogg, Frank Reginald Pte 2964 2nd London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)

Holiday, Reginald G Cpl 10019 2nd Wiltshire Regiment

Holland, Arthur Leslie 2nd Lt 6th Attd 2nd Rifle Brigade

Holmes, Philip George Pte 44994 2nd/7th Manchester Regiment

Holt, Frank Alfred Sapper 62272 Royal Engineers

Hooper, Charles E Pte

Hornblower, Edward Sibun Pte 833441 21st Reserve Btn Canadian Infantry

Hoskins, Ernest F Pte 995 1st Lancashire Fusiliers

Hoskins, Henry Pte

Hoskins, James Pte

Hotchkin, Lambert Annesley 2nd Lt 21st London Regiment (Surrey Rifles)

Humphreys, Herbert Cpl

Hutchings, Leonard John Pte G/35561 Middlesex Regiment Transferred to Labour Corps

Hutchings, William John Pte 41818 4th Bedfordshire Regiment

Imeson, Alfred L/Cpl 12257 2nd Welsh Regiment

Ingham, Leonard L L/Cpl 6345 2nd East Surrey Regiment

Ingram, Albert Valentine Pte 2358 9th East Surrey Regiment

Ireland, Henry Amos Boy 1st Class

Ironside, Harold Allan Major Machine Gun Corps

Jackson, Douglas William Lt 1st King's Shropshire Light Infantry

Jackson, Malcolm Lt

Jacques, Archibald Lymath Sergt

Jaquest, Henry Bombadier 59100 Royal Field Artillery

Jay, Douglas Pierce Pte

Jenkins, George Albert Pte 1289 12th Royal Lancers

Jenkins, Victor Harry Pte

Jennings, Albert M Pte 2108 7th Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment

Johnson, C L/Cpl

Johnson, George Pte

JOHNSON Percy Sydney Pte 63591 7th Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment. Died 6th Jun 1919. Age 20. Son Of Frederick Johnson, 39, Beauchamp Road, Sutton.

JOHNSON William Rfn R/7335 3rd King's Royal Rifle Corps

Jones, George Albert Pte

Jones, H B Pte 

Jones, James Henry Pilot Motor Pilot Cutter Valliant Mercantile Marine 26th Sep 1915. Age 31. Husband Of Ethel M Jones, Shandon, Carshalton Road, Sutton.

KAIN Frederick Douglas Rfn 591664 18th London Regiment KIA 7th Jul 1917. Age 21. Son Of William & Fanny Kain, Starceoss, Cheam Road, Sutton.

KEAL Archibald Chitty Sergt DCM 3591 1st East Kent Regiment. KIA 8th Oct 1918. Age 27. Woodthorpe, Gander Green Lane, Sutton

KEARNS Stephen Frank Emarton Sapper 103421 Royal Engineers. Died Makin Masus, Persian Gulf. 30th Jun 1916. Age 30. Husband Of Elsie Adeline Kearns. 6 Argyle Terrace, Collingwood Road, Sutton. 

KEMP Eric Arthur 2nd Lt 7th East Surrey Regiment France 30th Nov 1917. Age 22. Son Of Arthur William & Florence Kemp. Withrington, Worcester Gardens, Sutton.

KENNEDY Gilbert Captain 1st Royal Munster Fusiliers. 11th Dec 1918. Age 32. Son Of Mr & Mrs R M Kennedy Sutton.

Kenyon, Edward Gnr L/5253 Royal Field Artillery

Kenyon, Thomas Albert L/Cpl A/1286 8th King's Royal Rifle Corps

Keohane, Wilfred James Pte 316626 3rd Connaught Rangers

Killick, Alfred A 6939 21st London Regiment (Surrey Rifles)

Killick, Henry Frederick Pte 17121 12th East Surrey Regiment

Killick, John Pte

King, Eric George Lander Lt 1st Grenadier Guards

King, Walter De Mayhew Captain MC 

King, William Pte

King, William James Rfn

King-Peirce, William Gabriel Captain 2nd Manchester Regiment

Knapp, Victor Harry Pte

Knight, Francis Ernest Captain

Knight, Henry Bertram Steadman

Knowler, Harold Pte 42882 11th Suffolk Regiment

Lamb, James William Pte 400206 1st Essex Regiment

Lamb, Thomas H Pte 10/95 1st East Yorkshire Regiment

Lambert, David Pte 10501 2nd Leinster Regiment

Lambert, S J Sergt 10548 Supply And Transport Corps

Laudy, Victor Spencer Harold Pte S11025 14th London Regiment

Launchbury, William Henry Pte

Laws, Sidney Bush Pte PS/1375 Middlesex Regiment

Layzell, William George CSM

Lee, Henry Thomas Pte

Lee, William Ernest Pte TR10/25806 31st Training Reserve

Leigh, Cyril Thomas Pte 3174 28th Australian Infantry

Leppard, Harry Pte 41907 7th Norfolk Regiment

Levett, Charles Henry Pte L/8830 1st Middlesex Regiment

Levitt, Sydney Neville 2nd Lt 16th King's Royal Rifle Corps

Lewinton, Arthur Howard Pte 4224 24th Royal Fusiliers

Lightfoot, Francis Bertram 2nd Lt 28th London Regiment (Artists Rifles)

Lightfoot, Sydney Herbert Rfn 2494 9th London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)

Lloyd, Charles Edward Pte 9308 9th East Surrey Regiment

Lonergan, John Pte

Long, Francis Pte

Long, James Pte

Longley, Alfred Pte

Lovell, Henry Jesse Pte 24361 8th Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment

Macfarlane, Charles Innes Pte 2175 14th London Regiment

Maclean, Alan Charles Pte 2117 14th London Regiment

McCarthy, Charles William Boy 1st Class

McDonald, Tom Tpr

Maddock, Owen Loftus 2nd Lt 9th London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)

Maltby, Arthur Leslie D Pte

Mann, John Charles Captain MC 2nd Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Mann, Robert Leonard 2nd Lt 16th Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Mantell, George Frederick Pte L/10290 2nd Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment

Marks, Charles Bernard 2nd Lt MC 8th East Surrey Regiment

Marshall, A D Pte 11215 3rd East Surrey Regiment

Marshall, Harry Pte

Marshall, Harold Parker Pte 1986 5th Australian Infantry

Marshall, Wellesley Pte

Mason, Frank Pte

Mason, Walter A Pte

Massey, Philip Harry Pte 43844 8th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Mead, Walter Rfn 10326 Depot King's Royal Rifle Corps

Mears, Leonard T Sergt

Metcalfe, Wilfred Charles Lt East Surrey Regiment

Miles, Robert L/Cpl 60457 23rd Northumberland Fusiliers (Tyneside Scottish)

Millard, Frederick W. Pte G/5076 7th Royal Sussex Regiment

Millard, Henry George L/Cpl 2282 9th East Surrey Regiment

Miller, George Pte 

Mills, Trevor Blake 2nd Lt 

Milton, George E Sergt 9787 7th East Surrey Regiment

Mims, Harold Dickman Lt

Minett, George Pte 7078 7th East Surrey Regiment

Mingay, Ernest Eustace Sergt

Mitchell, Charles Gnr

Mitchell, Ernest John L/Sergt 38146 2nd Garrison Btn Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Mitchell, Leslie James 2nd Lt 2nd Lt

Moore, P Pte

Morey, Joseph Rfn

Morris, A E Rfn

Mount, Horace Leonard Cpl 

Muggeridge, William Clifford Pte

Mumford, Frederick Alfred Ord Seaman

Narraway, Stanley Cyril L/Cpl

Newell, James Henry Dvr

Newell, William George Langton Pte

Nicholls, W Pte

Nichols, William Edwin Pte

Nichols, Ernest Charles Pte

Norman, Fred Pte

Norris, Alfred W Rfn

North, S L/Cpl

North, William Albert Pte

Nuttman, George William Pte

O'Byrne, James C Cpl

ODD Alan Amos AB  J/67065 HMS Halcyon Royal Navy Died 2nd Jan 1918 Age 19. Son of Montagu William and Patience Odd, of 43, West St., Sutton

ODD Sidney Charles Cadet SS Kut Sang Mercantile Marine Died 29 April 1918 Age 16 Son of Sidney Thomas and Marie Curtis Odd, of "Barrington," Norman Rd., Sutton, Surrey. 

Overton, Guy Stanley Pte

Packham, William Pte

Page, Alfred Edward Pte

Palmer, Alfred John Pte

Pardy, Thomas Johnston Lt

Parkes, Horace Frederick 2nd Lt 

Parlett, Arthur Edgar Leeming Pte 

Parrott, Frederick Charles 
Parsons, William
Paul, John Andrew Bowring
Paxton, Harold Record
Payne, Sydney
Pearce, Frederick Herbert
Pearson, William
Peerless, Albert Burgess
Penwill, Douglas
Perkins, Edward
Perry, Cecil Robert
Perry, Leslie Harold
Peters, Ernest Arthur
Peters, Charles Henry
Peters, James William
Peters, Thomas
Pickering, Joseph
Pink, Albert Henry
Pocock, Charles Clarke
Pointing, Albert James
Poole, Sidney Gower

POTIER  Ernest Arthur Munitions Worker. Died In St Anthony's Hospital Cheam 7th Sep 1916 Age 30 Following An Accident In Muntion's Factory, Gander Green Lane. Cheam. 38, Meadowside Road, Cheam.

Potter, Victor James
Potting, William James
Powell, Alfred Frederick
Powell, George
Pratt, Charles
Price, Sydney James
Price, Edward George
Price-Edwards, Owen
Probert, Arthur James
Probett, Charles Edward
Proudfoot, Henry James Leslie
Purnell, Frederick David
Purvey, Alfred
Quantrill, Lawrence Sydney Eldon
Radford, Henry George
Rawle, William Richard
Ray, Arthur Ernest
Rayner, Sidney Frank
Rayner, Walter
Read, Arthur Beddome
Redwood, Arthur John
Reid, George Frederick
Rex, George William
Reygate, Charles Henry
Rickson, Arthur
Ridsdale, Aubrey Haywood
Robertson, Amos
Rocke, Charles Owen
Rogers, Cecil Walter
Ross, Stanley
Rowcroft, Joseph John
Rowell, Leonard
Rowley, Walter
Russell, Evan Wilmot Harley
Russell, W T
Sargood, Hugh Frank
Savage, William Leslie
Savage, George Henry
Schermuly, William Louis
Schueremans, Ernest Maurice
Scrivens, Ernest
Seal, Albert
Seal, Alfred John
Secker, Norman Howard
Self, Herbert Henry
Sellers, Donald Roy
Seymour, Arthur
Shadbolt, Harold Nelson
Sharp, Fred
Shearman, Thomas
Sheppard, Cecil Henry
Shrubsole, Albert Edward
Shrubsole, William Henry
Shrubsole, Frank Leslie
Sibley, Henry George
Sillence, Henry Herbert
Simmonds, H P
Simmonds, Benjamin Henry James
Simmons, Seymour Francis
Simmons, Thomas Herbert
Simpson, Henry Gordon
Sloper, Sydney
Smith, Caleb
Smith, Reginald
Smith, Eric
Snell, Stanley Saxon
Soper, Stanley
Southam, Alfred George Thomas
Southey, William Russell
Sparey, George James
Spooner, Albert Charles
Squier, Harry Anderson
Stagg, Henry
Staines, William Hugh
Stevens, Robert
Stevens, Ernest Henry
Stevenson, Jack
Stiles, Vincent Harcourt
Stribling, Frederick George
Stubbington, George
Suggitt, James Joseph
Sutcliff, Cedric William
Sutton, Walter William
Swan, Sydney Herbert
Swan, Alfred Edward
Swan, John Robert
Swan, G
Tate, Bernard George
Taylor, George
Taylor, Louis Robert
Tearle, Albert
Terry, George
Tester, Charles
Thompson, S E
Ticehurst, William
Tilley, George William
Tomkins, William
Tomlin, Frank
Topps, Horace
Trendell, Frederick Arthur
Trower, Edward
Trower, Albert
Turk, Roland
Turner, Albert
Turner, George Frederick
Twite, Harold Llewellyn
Ulyet, Henry Edward
Vernon, Harold
Vincent, James Victor
Waine, Edward
Walker, Lyell Frank
Walker, Wilfred Harold
Wallis, Sydney Herbert
Walter, Frederick Thomas King
Walton, Edwin William
Warner, Joseph
Warren, William Henry
Waterman, Frederick
Wayman, Harry Oliver
Webb, John
Webb, Arthur James
Welford, Walter Samuel
Weller, Edwin Albert
Weller, J

Welman, Noel Yvon Loftus DSO 1st Middlesex Regiment. Newmans, Sutton.

Weston, Henry Arthur
Whitehead, R L
Whiting, William
Wilkinson, Robert Bruce
Williamson, John Maurice
Willie, John Hurford
Wills, Frederick
Wilson, Charles Nottingham
Wing, Frederick
Wood, Wilfred Henry
Wood, Herbert Alfred Leon
Woolf, Albert
Woollven, Gerald Clifton
Woolven, Oliver
Wootten, Gordon Henry Foster
Worsfold, E J
Wright, J
Wright, Frank
Wright, A
Wright, George
Wyatt, B
Yarrow, Charles Henry
Young, Allen George