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Easeby N Nurse MM The Graphic 5th Sep 1916Eaton A E 2nd Lt DSO RE DSO Citation Graphic 22nd Jan 1916Eddis C J F Lt Comm HMS Scimitar Royal Navy The Graphic 24th Oct 1918Edwardes G Da Major 1st Dragoons The Graphic 19th Aug 1915Edye M W J Col Army Service Corps The Graphic 20th Aug 1914Egerton P G Captain 3rd Black Watch Attd 19th London Regiment The Graphic 26th Oct 1918Egerton-Johnson R Captain Royal Air Force The Graphic 23rd July 1918Ellis W B Lt Royal Flying Corps The Graphic 25th July 1916Elphick F Pte 265296 8th West Yorkshire Regiment The Graphic 14th Nov 1918Emerson H Pte Royal Irish Fusiliers The Graphic 2nd Oct 1918Escombe W M L Captain DSO 20th London Regiment The Graphic 26th July 1915Evans A W Sergt VC Alias Walter Simpson 6th Lincolnshire Regiment The Graphic 21st Dec 1918Evans J P Pte RAMC Graphic The GraphicEvans L Brig Gen VC The Graphic 11th Oct 1918Everington G F Naval Instructor RN Graphic 10th Jan 1916Evers B S Captain 9th West Yorkshire Regiment The Graphic 29th Sep 1916