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Falconar-Stewart R D Lt Col DSO Argyll Sutherland Highlanders The Graphic 10th Oct 1918Fane C Lt Col CMG DSO 12th Lancers The Graphic 31st Oct 1918Farrer H W F B Major MC+2Bars Royal Field Artillery The Graphic 6th Nov 1918Faulkner G H V Sub Lt HMS Laertes Royal Navy The Graphic 2nd Sep 1914Fellowes H G A Captain Indian Army The Graphic 19th Sep 1916Fellowes P F M Lt Col DSO Roya Naval Air Service The Graphic 1st July 1918Ferrand J B P Flt Comm DSO RNAS Graphic 9th Feb 1916Figg D W Captain DSO 24th London Regiment The Graphic 6th July 1915Finch F W Sapper DCM RE Graphic 24th Feb 1916Finch N A Sergt VC Royal Marine Artillery The Graphic 24th July 1918Findlater A Captain DSO RAMC DSO Citation Graphic 22.1Firminger J M Leading Seaman Royal Navy The Graphic 31st Dec 1918Fishbourne C E Lt Col 8th Northumberland Fusiliers The Graphic 12th Oct 1916Fitton B A 2nd Class Airman RFC Graphic 22nd Feb 1916Fitzgerald L de V Major Royal Irish Fusiliers The Graphic 2nd Oct 1918Fleming-Sandes J T Lt VC 2nd  East Surrey Regt Graphic 4th Feb 1916Fletcher H P Major Royal Flying Corps The Graphic 10h Aug 1916Follett G B S Brig Gen DSO MVO General Staff The Graphic 4th Oct 1918Forster G N B Brig Gen CMG DSO General Staff The Graphic 18th July 1918Fox-Harvey Nurse The Graphic 9th July 1918